Best Customer Service Software

It costs a lot to get a customer. It costs a LOT MORE to lose a customer. Make the right investment with these customer service tools today.

Zendesk 1 best



(2,307 reviews)

  • All-in-one complete customer service solution
  • Offers a Free Trial
  • Geared toward a message-based system
  • Generates detailed reports

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Groove 2



(1,692 reviews)

  • Offers a 15 Day Free Trial
  • Optimized for small to medium sized businesses of 1-200 people
  • Includes a large amount of built-in integrations
  • Offers collaboration through a shared inbox

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ServiceNow 3



(2,831 reviews)

  • Expands self-service with a AI-powered chatbot to provide common answers
  • Provides a machine-learning predictive intelligence to identify trends
  • Features an Omni-channel and connects teams for quicker resolutions
  • Runs on the intuitive and easy-to-use Now Platform

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Zoho Desk 4

Zoho Desk


(3,813 reviews)

  • Free for up to three agents
  • Includes an Omnichannel to respond to customers across media platforms
  • Automates repetitive manual actions
  • Features an AI assistant to help self-service customers

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Freshdesk 5



(2,744 reviews)

  • Features a 21 day free trial
  • Includes Omnichannel chat, bots, and self-service solutions
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Offers collaborative tools for team members

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Intercom 6



(1,662 reviews)

  • Offers in-product messaging, live chat, bots, and more
  • Includes an array of self-service bots for customers
  • Keeps teams organized with shared inboxes
  • Optimizes resolution time with ticketing workflows, bots, and reporting

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